Mother Nature


I didnt knew the pleasure of being fed by such generosity and zealous fling.

I didnt knew your one morsel can put an stop to my bleeding and brooding which i succumbed to.

Didnt knew your procuring and throbbing me untill I’m sleeping deeply enough,like a new drug has been founded and tested on only me, for i was way far away in my inner constructed world where for the first time i was seeing something novel.

From the eerie scenes of beaten up angels,chained up in rusty poles,constantly yelled and abused, left alone to die disdained.There screams echoing in the slaughtering area of the house.Yes, house.The demons house. 

But, now for the first time they came to realise, they are divine beings of light and they need not be afraid. Then i saw the power unleashed. Chains broke. Burst light. Dark ceased. 

I didnt knew your kiss of bliss would invade my fuss of misery and soon i’ll be shedding long burnt skin off my body. 

i didn’t knew your magic. Untill one fine day i sat beside you ‘Mother Nature‘.