Nature. or her.?

As the nature allowed me to sit by this bank of instill still generous pool of water. Where the moon imprints and reflects like its lying on the top of it,overweening of his affair. 
Where above exists vast sky with dark blue ink spilled all over it. In which the angels might smoked a puff or two, which hung there as greyer hue.                                                                   There isnt an end to it. There shouldn’t be, for as i stretch my eyes far i see yet another glowing star.

For a minute i do not know who is imitating who, the river or the sky. Or are they competing? as to who is gazed more by us humans. Or do they just want to collide together? but alas!, this city in between. Or maybe they want to teach us a way of being, alluring and healing as it is. 

Something enchanting comes out of this fierceful city as i see it from here.I wish it could be this calm and serene from within. From here,Shimmer of tiny rays emitted by these mighty buildings can glorify even the mundane. From here,i have ample space in my heart to occupy every being of that city. From here, i love every dot of it.                                   

More pleasing as it becomes,i doubt whether its my wine or really a call of divine. Untouched by hustle bustle of the city behind my back. Life offered me a stroll.

It wont be long enough before the dark clouds consume him, but the sun was resisting to set down that day. The Birds doesn’t wanted to migrate, they did not intend to miss something this serene. 

A mystic breeze makes the pages of dairy beside me flutter back and forth as rudderless as it flows. Strange yet mysterious tides rising and falling one after other, making its way to finally get kissed by the sand and the stones, turning white like ashes as it does. 
As the nature Continuously poured me pegs of awe and bliss, drunk by the moment i was ready to sunk in the moment. Completely giving myself over. 
But,all of a sudden i feel a hand on my shoulder. And as i turned back, taken aback. Millions of memories hit me like a thundering bolt. And i couldn’t tell again who was more beautiful,

Nature. or her.